How to prevent Plagiocephaly

The more I have found out about Plagiocephaly, the more I have realised it is so unknown. This is such a sad fact as Knowledge and early intervention are key to reducing incidence and severity of Plagiocephaly in the majority of cases. However, how can this be achieved when we are not even told about it? Often us parents are told it will improve as the baby gets older and it’s true it can improve, but unlikely so without intervention and knowing what is needed to be done
I hope this page helps mums new and old with some of the measures available to prevent and reduce Plagiocephaly amongst our little angels. However please remember if your baby is over 6 months, these methods will not be as effective and I would certainly suggest voicing your concerns with your Health Visitor and Gp and if you have no luck to take up a free initial appointment with a specialist private Orthotist such as Technology in Motion as helmet treatment may very well be useful by this point.

 Tummy time is often one of the only preventative measures we are advised of by our Health Visitors and GP's except were not really told why or how to make it more comfortable for the baby during the first few months.
Tummy Time is a great Physical activity for young babies, but should only be carried out during awake time. By placing your baby on their tummies and encouraging them to lift their head and move it from side to side you will be resting there little heads from too much pressure and strengthening muscles in their necks which can help to reduce any preferences of resting on a single side. This will also help your baby to any tightness in their neck muscles. 
You will probably find that your baby does not seem to enjoy it to start off with, but persevere, play with toys to encourage and distract them. Place a comfy pillow or support under their chest to support them more. Tummy time doesn’t have to be on the floor, you can also give it a go across your knees - this is also a good exercise to help release trapped wind! 
Build up slowly, increasing the amount of time gradually and your baby will soon realise that being on their tummies is actually enjoyable!
Tummy time can also help accelerate motor skills meaning your baby may learn some skills faster such as turning around, grasping for toys and crawling!

Cosyplay have developed a special memory foam play mat designed especially to make tummy time more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your baby. You can buy a mat from here. They also have a great section regarding the benefits of Tummy time and how to make it more enjoyable for you and your baby, take a read here


Always place a baby to sleep on their back to reduce the risk of SIDS, However it is extremely important that your baby’s head position is varied while they are sleeping. You can do this by gently turning your baby’s head while they sleep, so they alternate between left and right side, more important if your baby has a preference for sleeping on one side, then try and position your baby’s head away from the flattened side.
Your babies toys can be moved around the cot to encourage them to move their head in different directions when they wake or place your baby at opposite ends of the cot especially if they always turn to look at you, by placing them the other way, they have to look in the opposite direction to see you.


If you have noticed your baby has a preference to sleep on one side or you have noticed some slight tightness there are simple exercises that can be carried out at home (Taken from Mimospillow for positional Plagiocephaly prevention/flat head syndrome leaflet)


Carriers and wraps are an ideal baby accessory especially in Plagiocephaly prevention. Babies often now get placed in bouncers, Car seats and under play gyms for considerable amounts of time putting that extra pressure on their little heads. Have you ever considered using a wrap or sling? Not only can it help prevent Plagiocephaly but it is a great way to bond with your little baby who will love being snuggled up close to you and feeling your warmth and hearing your heartbeat. If like me, I was a little clueless about how many different types of wraps/carriers and Slings there were – but there are loads. If one doesn’t suit you, try a different style, one will and not only are you bonding and preventing Plagiocephaly – you have your hands free too – so you can do all the things you need to do at the same time. I have been in contact with two lovely ladies, who are both mums and sell baby wraps these are:

The Joy and Joe wraps are gorgeous and affordable baby wraps combines the ideas behind baby-wearing and kangaroo care (skin to skin care), allowing your baby to be safe and secure. The integrated pouch design is unique to their brand signature. All our baby wraps are especially handmade with love in the UK making them even more ethical than mass produced baby carriers.
See what makes Joy and Joe so special here:
And you can buy their wraps from here:

The Ama Wrap is for mums on the go. We wear our babies safely and naturally, and having our beautiful baby does not mean we’re doomed to wear baby slings and carriers that are designed to look more “baby” than… well… us! Unlike many conventional carriers there is no wadding between you and baby, it is entirely skin to skin. Baby feels comforted and secure, resting against your chest, in tune with your breathing and heartbeat.
Why should you go for an Ama Wrap? Find out and shop online here:

There are a few pillows available to buy to help prevent and reduce Plagiocephaly. These have been designed by engineers, Doctors, Midwives and physiotherapist and are recommended by numerous paediatric doctors around the world. The pillows work by redistributing the weight of the baby’s head.
You can find more information regarding the Mimos pillow here:,the Lilla Kuddis pillow here: and the Theraline Pillow here:


As well as the pillows Tortle have designed a simple, comfortable beanie that helps prevent and treat flat head syndrome. Tortle works by gently deflecting your baby’s head when she's sitting or lying on the back of her head, to gently move their head from side to side.

You can buy them in the UK from here:

 Baby bean bags are quite new in the UK, but are very good preventers of Plagiocephaly and a good alternative to a baby seat or bouncer. The beans gently mould to the shape of the baby’s head allowing the pressure to distribute away from one spot.
Baby bean bags can be purchased from:

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  1. Thank you for this article, I agree whole heartedly that there's nowhere near enough information out there. All the info coming from midwives is centred on breastfeeding and nothing on prevention of plagiocephaly. Tummy time is important but you can't do it for 12hrs a day. I wish we were told how important it was to reposition babies head and carry him around in a sling. My baby was born with a torticollis so he favoured one side and was a good sleeper. We had him under the play gym or in the bouncer a lot! But we had no idea about the damage we were doing. We weren't educated by anyone. Now he has a flat head and we are working hard to get it rounded out without a helmet. Prevention is always better than cure. Hospitals need to take a much more proactive approach in educating parents about this issue.


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