Monday 1 July 2013

Appointment Booked!

So after a few days of consideration we have finally decided to go ahead and get little Finnys head checked out privately. He is booked in for 12th July at the Technology in Motion clinic, Sevenoaks.
I began questioning myself quite a bit over the past few days thinking is it really that bad? Maybe I am just making a fuss over nothing? What if we get there and they don't think its bad at all?....Well I eased my mind when bathing the little guy a few days ago. He used to have a bath seat but hes got to big so I lay him in a shallow bath now, but he has decided that is not fun so after washing I sit and hold him up to have a splash. Well with his hair all wet and slicked down I realised his head still looks very flat to me so for a few days at least I'm confident I am doing the right thing.
I wonder if this questioning is going to be a constant niggle in my head no matter what route we chose to go down? At least soon we will actually have some answers as to the severity of Finnys plagiocephaly...actual numbers, measurements and visuals. I just don't understand why this isn't available on the NHS. I was angered a few days ago when I read an article about an aspiring glamour model who was given Breast enlargements on the NHS (apparently for health reasons) while a little boy who needed an operation to help him walk who lived in the same area was refused treatment, these are sad times.
Anyway 11 days and counting!

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