Monday 9 December 2013

Helmet Graduation!!

I guess the important post - so it gets First dibs! Finny has graduated from His Helmet! Hip Hip Hip Hip Hooray!!

I should have posted this a long time ago - Little finny actually finished treatment a few weeks early as his head outgrew the helmet, but his official graduation day was Friday 01st November (I know it was such a long time ago, I'm sorry). We thought because of the earlier finish and due to the fact his progress had been slowing in previous appointments, we would only see 1mm if that during his last few weeks in treatment but fantastically on his final measurement he had another reduction of 2mm.

Finny Started His Treatment with an Asymmetry or 18mm and on Graduation his asymmetry measured only 7mm. He was only in Treatment for 101 days and he had a massive 11mm reduction. He is only just out of the normal range now and to look at him you would hardly notice - Thank you so much Steve and Corrin from technology in Motion and to Headstart4babies for the initial funding!! This would not have been possible without you all :)

Finnys Final position on the Severity Graph :) - what a fabulous improvement!

At the clinic - Finny had his final measurements taken - this was done is the usual way. He then had to be rescanned, just like he did on the first appointment, with the little sock on his head. Unfortunately there was a problem and we couldn't take the scans home that day - but we got them two weeks later on a little memory stick, with a little programme installed with lets you view a 3D before and after image of Fins head, plus a little diagram of before and after so you can see where the growth has been! This is what I want to share with you:
 Above is the diagram showing where fins growth has occurred, the grey line indicates his first scan at 5.5 months, the blue line is the graduation scan. The program allows you look at every angle and every direction. I have tried to capture this shot from around his forehead rather than higher up or further down, but be aware this is just one snapshot and there are many many more depending where your looking from. I thought this one shows really well how his head has rounded out at the rear and to the right, this is where we wanted growth and you can see that this has greatly been achieved. You can also see (better at a slightly lower viewing angle) where he had a slight blossom on his forehead, this has now evened out too!!

Above are the 3D Scans looking directly down, the grey again is the first scan at 5.5 months. The blue is the graduation scan and I think this shows beautifully the success fin has had with this treatment!! Yay!!

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