Sunday 19 January 2014

10 Flat Head Syndrome Facts!!

Its been awhile since I updated anything Plagiocephaly related - so here's some interesting Flat Head Syndrome Facts for you!!

1.   Babies develop Flat Heads because there skulls are soft and pliable!

2.   There are 3 types of Flat Head syndrome, depending on the shape/position of flatness:
  • Plagiocephaly - left or right side flattening
  • Brachycephaly - back Flattening
  • Scaphocephaly - long Narrow Head

(L-R: Brachycephaly, Plagiocephaly and Scaphocephaly)
(Finnys Plagiocepahly at 4.5 Months characterises by the flattening to the back right side and the blossoming to the front right side)
3.   47% of babies now develop the condition to some degree - That's almost 1 in 2!

4.   Your baby is more likely to develop Flat Head Syndrome if:
  • its your first baby
  • your baby is a boy
  • your baby was breech
  • you baby is a twin (or multiple)
  • your was premature
  • your baby has reflux
  • your baby has Hip Dyslapsia
5. You can decrease the risk of your baby developing Flat head syndrome with simple techniques such as:
  • baby wearing - slings rather than pushchairs
  • limit the amount of time in baby rockers
  • plenty of tummy time 
6.   Flat Head Syndrome in babies younger than 5 months can be treatable with repositioning techniques!!

      If you notice your baby is developing a flatness, keep the pressure of the spot for as long as   possible during the day, lots of tummy time, reduce time in bouncer and carry your baby in a sling while you do your day to day activities (they will love this!!) It can be reversed at this age in many cases!!

7.   Cranial Osteopathy can really help reduce flatness in babies under 5 months!

8.   Cranial Remoulding Helmets help treat babies from 5 - 14 months of age!

After 5 months of age a babies skull begins to harden, and repositioning is less responsive, Between 5 and 14 months the skull has enough growth and softness to have significant improvement with helmet treatment, after 14 months the babies skull has had its major growth and has hardened significantly that even cranial helmets will not improve the condition.

(Finny shortly after having his helmet fitted at 5 months)
9.   The NHS does not fund Cranial Helmet Therapy as they deem the condition to be cosmetic only,   however, there are numerous reports associating Flat head syndrome with a number of issues:
  • A high risk for learning delays and developmental delay
  • Increased need for special services when the child reaches school age
  • Orthodontic and TMJ issues
  • Scoliosis
  • Visual disturbances including visual field defects, and astigmatism
  • auditory problems and infections
  • Psychological/social issues

10.   Treatment is available Privately at a cost of about £2000 at clinics such as: 
  • Technology in Motion 
  • Doc band
  • Steeper clinic
The Charity can offer financial assistance to some families.


  1. my son Harlow has both plagiocephaly and brachycephaly and has had his helmet now for 8moths. his measurements have reduced from 25 to 12so far, its been a long journey but we'll get there. really think the nhs need to recognise this condition as Harlow didn't get his helmet til he was nearly 1 because health visitor, doctors and consultants all saId he was fine!!! awareness needs to be raised and preventions made aware of. good luck to you and your gorgeous little man xxx

    1. Hi Leah, everyone kept telling us the same, that it would get better, but we saw no improvement with 5 months at the cranial oesteopath and repositioning. The last straw was when the oesteoptah stroked Finnys head and said his hair will cover that when hes older!! So I telephoned TiM!! Your right, prevention and awareness is the key - Good luck with your treatment - Great progress so far!! x

  2. My son has plagiocephaly and we are currently trying to raise the money to pay for his helmet if anyone knows of anywhere who donate to these causes pleade let me know headstart 4 babies are not funding atm :(

    1. Hi Justine, Im sorry to hear that Headstart cant offer assistance. I would contact your local paper first instance, get it out in the community, that treatment isnt funded! you might get lucky and get a donor or at least a few donations. Contact companies and ask them to donate items for a raffle - we raised loads that way. Also contact local supermarkets see if you can do bag pack with buckets - Whats the link to your fundraising page? I will post it on our twitter xx

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I set up a just giving page, kept sharing the link via face book friends also shared it and complete strangers donated there are some kind people around. also look at doing a coffee morning and some sponsored events xxx

  5. Hi we are just awaiting some raffle prizes and also hoping to receive something from the local rugby team to auction off so fingers crossed. His helmet is being fitted on the 29th very excited I went to my gp once I noticed the bugle beginning at the forehead and his ears becoming wonky :) my page is xx

    1. Hi Justine, Just posted the link on our twitter site for you!

  6. Great and informative post! Your son looks adorable in his helmet :)

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  8. Thanks for sharing. Regular clinical check-ups serve as milestones to assess progress, where our healthcare professionals evaluate the effectiveness of the Brachycephaly Treatment plan and make any necessary adjustments. To ensure transparency and collaboration, Ahead4Babies encourages parents to engage in the monitoring process actively.


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